mardi 26 juin 2012

End of the Year Show

I can see Arash and Ishaan. Rong
We are watching the show. We are waiting for our turn to go on stage. Luther
I can see Luther, Ryaan, Tim and David. They are watching the show. David, Mathys and Rodrigo are talking. Arash

We are waiting to go in stage. Maxandre

We are singing on stage. Liza
We are singing on stage, "Ou sont passes mes bruits?" Zelia

We are doing the song of, "PittOcha le Marmot". Maxime
I can see Tristan and Arash and Maxime and Alina.They are walking with the donkey and they're going around Tristan, Arash and Tim and Rong. Ryaan.

Me, Arash and Tim are jumping on the stage because the song was saying, "O, A, I, E, O". Tristan
We are dancing and our parents are looking at us. In this dance, I am a Mom and Ryann is the child. Lara

We are playing on stage, "Quand vient le petit matin". We are making a circle and sitting down. Amelie

I see Amelie. She is dancing. I see yellow flowers. Tim

I see everyone's Mon and Dad and I think they liked our show a lot. Matthias
I see some parents. They are watching the show. I can see Alina and Chae Yong. Liza

jeudi 10 mai 2012

Circus - juggling

I am putting rice in the balloon to make the balloon like a juggling ball.

Amelie is blowing in the balloon to make the balloon bigger.

Luther and Maxandre are showing their balloons ; they are happy.

Louis is finished so he can write his name and his last name on the balloon.

Mohamed is juggling in the sports room.

Arash is juggling with one ball with his right hand.


Tim is throwing the ball and catching  it with his other  hand.

Chae Yeon throws the juggling ball to Alina.


Everyone is throwing the ball to his partner.


This article is written by Elvira in CE1.

mercredi 9 mai 2012

Circus - walking on stilts

Tim was doing a race with the stilts in the circle.

Rong and Alina were doing a race. Rong was fast and Alina was slow.

Alina and Rong were doing a race. One of Alina’s stilts fell down and one of Rong’s feet fell down too. 

Ishaan and I were doing a race and Ishaan was before  me.

Alina was walking everywhere in the sport room with the stilts.

Jamila was last in the race ; she was in the first circle.

Tristan and Tim were doing a race.Tristan was going to win and Tim was last.

Maxime and Chae Yeon are doing a race at the same time.

This article is written by Charlotte in CE1.

vendredi 6 avril 2012

Circus - acrobatics

We have been doing acrobatics this term!

First we warm up.

Then we carry each other.

We have to stay straight and still and we cannot laugh



Some pictures of us juggling soon!

lundi 6 février 2012

Christmas party - December 15th, 2011

We sang some songs. (Amelie)

We saw Santa Claus. (Maxandre) He was on a rickshaw. (Amelie and Liza)

Santa Claus gave us some presents. (Lara and Ryaan) He was nice. (Matthias) He had a white beard. (Maxandre) The party was nice. (Liza) We had fun. (Matthias)

mercredi 11 janvier 2012

September 2011 - Our classrooms and teachers

This is the French classroom. (Louis)

This is Solene. She is the teacher of the French class. (Louis)

It's our English classroom. (Ryaan)
This is Nathalie. She is our English teacher. (Ryaan)

This is my other English teacher, Marion. (Liza)

mercredi 29 juin 2011

C'est la fête à l'école!

Jeudi 23 juin, 18 heures: spectacle!

La danse du désert, suivie du chant africain Rumbali

I am free, chant à Londres

Chorégraphie disco par le groupe de danse

Chanson de l'Amitié, par l'ensemble de l'école
Et puis aussi un formidable buffet composé de spécialité culinaires gentiment préparés par les parents.
Une année a passé... Excellentes vacances!